PHP is an open source technology which is used by expert web developers all over the world to create rich and vibrant web applications. This server-side scripting language is ideal for creating dynamic web applications. The speed, reliability, and security available in PHP makes it a preferred choice for expert PHP developers. The power & ease of use of the PHP language allows professional and freelance PHP developers to create highly scalable and flexible web apps.


It is a free " programming language ", mainly used to produce dynamic web pages via an HTTP server but can also function like any other language. PHP is an object- oriented imperative language.

PHP programmers have created powerful applications like CMS, E-commerce websites, Social networking sites, Web calendars, Payment gateways integration.



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Main Features of PHP


Open Source Software

As the PHP source code is available freely on the web, you can create all the versions of PHP based on your requirement free of cost.



The PHP scripts can execute much faster than those scripts developed in other languages like ASP & JSP.You can embed PHP code within the HTML script and tags.


Platform Independent

As PHP is available for MAC, Linux, Windows, and UNIX, an application developed on one OS can be effortlessly run on other OS as well.

Evolutions and Latest Trends in PHP

The evolution of PHP has revolutionized the capability of PHP developers. PHP started its life as a little CGI wrapper written in Perl. Two decades after its foundation, there is phenomenal growth in this language and is still going strong.

We all have witnessed the enhancement of custom PHP development that has been commonly complemented by the release of new PHP extensions. Our comprehensive list of PHP versions will take you through the details of PHP version-specific differences and their features.

Especially the year 2015 was a big year for PHP web development since PHP version 7 was released with several advanced features for better interoperability and performance.

Responsive web pages are what users are currently looking for and this is an interesting PHP trend to look at. PHP development is revamping the responsive way of webs with Chatbots.

WordPress was invented for bloggers. However, it evolved and became a robust website development tool and CMS. What's impressive about WordPress is its flexibility to develop any Website and easy-to-use interface.WordPress supports 37% of the entire World's Websites, which is the largest number. Many companies, bloggers, and small businesses are using it for their websites.